Best 10 grossing Bollywood movies of 2017

Are you searching a topic for gossip about Bollywood movies or box office 2017? Yes, we are talking about Bollywood gossip. It helps you by making highest knowing person about Bollywood movies. So let’s talk about something interesting. Ohoo it’s all about highest 10 grossing movie that made by Bollywood. you can entertain yourself by watching movies i mean these best movies which are also avaliable on any free online streaming sites.

In 2017 more than 100s are released but out of that some movies cross the 100cr and above. So when we talk about best grossing Bollywood movies of 2017, than come out some interesting movies by Bollywood kings. Some movies of 2017 are made history of Bollywood.

So let’s start listing about top Bollywood movies that earned in crores of rupees in 2017. But this movies not only made highest grossing amount also make people some sense. Also make people cry / happy/ emotional/ active/ dedicate/ lovable/ strong and many more.

Best 10 grossing Bollywood movies of 2017
Best 10 grossing Bollywood movies of 2017

Well this movies are:

                Count Down Start:

10. Sachin: A billion dreams

Yes you are right, this is god of cricket Sachin Tendulkar. This movie made of Sachin Tendulkar’s biography.

Ratings: 4*/ 5*

Director: James Erskine

Income: 50.81cr

Yes, you heard right Sachin reached more than 50 cr. The craze of Sachin Tendulkar makes box office hit. And earned that amount. So, my suggestion don’t miss it. Must watch and know how Sachin starts his journey and become God of cricket.

9. Jagga Jasoos

Are you also fan of Ranvir Kapoor? If yes, than you will be happy by knowing this movie is the another one that made highest grossing. Fan following of Ranvir Kapoor is huge. That’s why this man always gives Bollywood a special gifts like Jagga Jasoos. And another part is covered by one and only Katrina Kaif. This Georgiou’s girl’s presence made it more perfect.

Ratings: 3.5*/ 5*

Director: Anurag Basu

Income: 53.38 cr.

Emotion, action, fun and more you will get from this movies.

8. Half Girlfriend

“Friend se jyada girlfriend se kam” yes that is half girlfried inspired from Chaitan Vagat. That’s the movie makes hit blockbaster. This is some kind of special and unique movie for some kind of people.

Ratings: 1*/ 5*

Director: Mohit Suri

Income: 60.28 cr.

7. Hindi Medium

That is some special kind of movie for students and also for their guardian. This movie teach us some special things and fact about students and their guardian.

Ratings: 4*/ 5*

Director: Sakeb Chawdhury

Income: 69 cr.

Another movie that listed for highest grossing

 6. Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya

That’s the movie with comedy, emotion and action as well. Badrinath ki dulhaniya is some kind of wedding story depended movie. That surely makes you laugh and emotion. Varun and alia played a mind blowing character on this movie

Ratings: 3*/ 5*

Director: Shashank Khaitan

Income: 116.60 cr.

5. Jolly LLB 2

Yes this time it’s something change, after Jolly LLB one of the successful movie. The hero is now Akshay Kumar the king of comedy and action. And Akshay play his role at right direction and very well.

Ratings: 3*/ 5*

Director: Subhash Kapoor

Income: 117 cr.

 4. Tubelight

When we talk about block buster than one name come that is Salman Khan Movies. Salman is one of the richest and popular actor in India and also have fan around allover India. So this is the common thing that his movie Tubelight makes huge money.

Ratings: 2*/5*

Director: Kabir Khan

Income: 121 cr.

3. Kabil

In this movie Rittik played an awesome role. Being on blind character he played perfect action. You will sure get emotional after being watching Kabil.

Ratings: 2*/ 5*

Director: Sanjoy Gupta

Income: 126.6 cr.

2. Raees

King khan Movie Raees this time also hit block buster as all the time. SRK made it once again at top earned movie.

Ratings: 3.5*/5*

Director: Rahul Dholakia

Income: 139 cr.

1. Bahubali 2 (Hindi)

Yes it’s all about “Katappa ne Bahubali ko Kiyu Mara?”, finnaly we find the answer after watching this movie. Bahubali 2 made a history of Bollywood industry and till now reaches the highest earning movie of this year as well as Bollywood.

Ratings: 4*/ 5*

Director: S S Rajamouli

Income: 512 cr.

So, here we see that Bahubali 2 is highest earned movie of 2017. This has some special secret behind that. There is one single question made people crazy and curious about Bahubali 2 after seeing Bahuali.


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